Homestay Accommodation

Our Homestay Accommodation is designed for mainly mini-stay educational groups visiting Devon.  We also can help some 18+ self-catering students studying at Exeter University.

A welcoming host family in the Devon, the South West is the only way to really feel what it means to live here. We offer comfortable homes for international groups who are visiting Exeter and the surrounding areas to study.


A safe home

Staying with a British family is a safe, affordable option for overseas students. No matter if it’s your first time away, or you’ve been traveling many times before, our families offer a homely, supportive environment for students throughout their stay. Eat, cook, and relax with your hosts – or if you’d just prefer to study in your room, that’s fine too.


Our families

Our hosts go through a rigorous recruitment process and are carefully chosen. We try to match the right families with the right students wherever we can, depending on their needs and requirements.  There are a few en-suite and annex options too – if you are quick!

Let us know if you’d like our Meet & Greet service upon arrival, we can arrange for you to be picked up from the airport.

3-4 night stay for College or 6th Form student from £40 per night full board
Guardians - Private Boarding Children under Guardianship from £50 per night during half term holidays